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Range of products

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Range of products:
download deukavallo Top Mix (25kg): Concentrate feed with maize flakes, barley flakes and pellets
download deukavallo Top E (25kg): Pellet feed für sport and pleasure horses
download deukavallo Pferdemüsli (30kg): Tasty muesli feed with lucerne hay and herbs
download deukavallo Cornmüsli (20kg): Protein reduced muesli with apple pieces, without oat
download deukavallo Kräutermüsli (20kg): Tasty muesli with herbs
download deukavallo Strukturmüsli (15kg): Proven muesli with lucerne hay, ideal for senior horses
download deukavallo Sportmix (20kg): Energetic muesli for sport horses; high content of vitamin E
download deukavallo Apfelmash (15kg): For a special activation of the digestion; with apple pieces
download deukavallo Getreidevital (20kg): High digestible maize-barley extrudate
download deukavallo Leinvital (8kg): High digestive linseed mixture
download deukavallo Mineral (8kg, 20kg): Tasty mineral feed in pellet form